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Buying & Selling and Renting

Buy, Sell or Rent Your Real Estates at Value with ALK İnşaat Emlak Assurance


Land For The Building

Land For The Building Service

As ALK İnşaat Emlak we evaluate your lands with the projects with the highest investment value.


Real Estate Project

Construction and Management

as ALK İnşaat Emlak We Provide Project Construction and Management Services to You, Our Valuable Investors, With Our Professional Team


Construction and Management

as ALK İnşaat & Emlak with our professional team

We offer projects with high investment value.

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Real Estate Buying & Selling and Renting

ALK İnşaat & Emlak With our professional team, we provide support to you in all areas related to real estate buying and selling, leasing, legal processes and your real estate. We are with you in all matters related to your real estate that you will buy, rent or sell through us, or rent.

Contracting Service

We Provide Project Completion Guaranteed Contracting Service with Our Professional Team.

Real Estate Buying & Selling Rent

We Provide Real Estate Buying, Selling and Renting Consultancy Services with Our Professional Team.

Land For The Building

We Provide Buying and Selling Services for Flats with the Guarantee of the Highest Investment Value of Your Lands.